Design & Development

Design (web and otherwise)

Customers are looking to compare your business against your competitors. Your website is the electronic front door of your business. How does the lobby look? A good design can establish credibility just as bad design can tarnish it. The design itself should not dominate your site but instead should complement the content. Good design should make navigation intuitive yet set your company apart from your competitors.

  • Custom & professional design
  • Artwork for your website
  • Photography
  • Logo design
  • Organizational branding
  • Graphic identity for your company
  • Brochures
  • Catalogs
  • Advertisements

Web Development

3G is able to satisfy our client demands for fully-functional web solutions. Our development utilizes current best practices in software development methodology. We utilize a 3-tier architecture. These tiers are layered on top of each other to create an integrated solution, but are separate enough to allow future growth (called scalability) and modification to each layer without affecting the others. This allows for faster development and lower long-term maintenance costs for our clients.

  • Static HTML pages
  • Interactive pages using Flash and Javascript
  • Database-driven pages using PHP & MySQL
  • Website maintenance
  • Web application development
  • Training and support
  • Database design & development
  • e-Commerce solutions such as shopping carts and online payments
  • Backend integration with existing systems