G6 Report – Fall 2016

Dear G1 & G2,

Although it has been a while since the last report, you as a shareholder can trust that your G6 fund managers have been ensuring your portolio has been meeting your defined objectives of Active Investing (defined as making specific investments that ensure a large return of a Healthy & Active lifestyle). It has a been a very busy quarter in the land of G5-6, with specific activities in music, martial arts, and sports. Door-to-door chaffuer, including in-car snack and beverage service, generously provided by G4 (pimarily) and G3 . Below you will find a detailed report of your investment.

Allotment of Funds

Fund managers G3 & G4 attempt to stretch these activity dollars every month. Given the rising cost of registration dues, equipment, instructor fees, and the fact that there’s only 24-hours in a day, it’s a balancing act to determine which activities to invest in, while not burning anyone out or taking away from doing well in school. While costs vary from month to month, season to season, here is a breakdown of November’s 2016′s G5 & G6 activity fees.


Piano & Music

Jessica continues to improve her piano skills, under the tutelage of Miss Brooke, she has developed strong music reading skills and her hands move comfortably over the piano without much need to look down. She has just barely begun learning how to use the pedal which adds a lovely song tone to her music. It is a joy to see her pause as she walks by the piano and play. She is currently working hard on a new piece which she plans to play in front of 400 students at Lincoln Elementary’s annual Talent Show in January.

Video of Jessica playing during a lesson


AYSO Soccer

Is that Arsenal or the Brazilian National Soccer Team out there? We can certainly understand your confusion, but nope, it’s actually the mighty Lizards of the Corvallis 8&Under AYSO League! This is Conner’s 2nd year in AYSO, and after missing the Spring session due to injury, he’s back with a renewed vigor. He was especially excited to play with his friend Timmy and be coached by Miss Michelle and his own Dad, Coach Scott. And what kid wouldn’t love being coached by their Dad, especially when being yelled at to “GET IN FRONT OF THE NET” continuously from opening kickoff to final whistle!

Pictures (click on each picture to enlarge)

conner-ayso-lizards-02 conner-ayso-lizards-03 conner-ayso-lizards-team-photo conner-ayso-lizards-01


Conner has started “Ki/Aikido” classes. What is Aikido? It’s a martial art but the overall objective is to learn how to focus and co-ordinate your mind and body through exercise. This means alternating sessions of intense-activity, followed immediately by learning to calm your mind & body. Can you maintain your “One-Point”, where you are mentally focused and alert but physically calm? He recently passed his test for “Yellow Belt”.

Pictures (click on each picture to enlarge)

img_2505 img_2510 img_2512 img_2518 img_2523 img_2524 img_2528conner-aikido-roll-club-chartimg_2664img_2662img_2656img_2653img_2649img_2667img_2672img_2674



Both G5 & G6 bound, bounce, tumble, and fly in Gymnastics Class. Jessica is at Level 1, and just missed the cutoff for the 2016 Games in Rio. She is working on her core and might set a world record in the number of handstands performed on a single day. She practices handstands constantly and is determined to do them perfectly. Conner has found yet another outlet for the boundless energy possessed in his small frame, and his instructors are amazed that he is as active at the end of class as he is when he first arrives. His favorite activity is jumping on the trampoline into the giant foam pit.

Pictures: (click on each picture to enlarge)

img_2547 img_2551 img_2540 img_2541

In Summary

We realize you have an abundance of choices when deciding where to invest your money. We appreciate you choosing the G6 Activity Fund. We hope this report has shown the impact of your generous support. As fund managers, G3 & G4 will continue to care for and seek out activities that promote healthy active living and life-experiences amongst the true beneficiaries, G5 & G6. This investment allows for alot of adventures and experiences that would not be possible without, and we are all fortunate and appreciative to be a part of it. Thank you!

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  1. Dear Scott and Bern,
    We are certainly impressed with the diversity of activities, you as parents, are offering your children. What better way to help keep them mentally and physically fit than to allow them to join in so many different activities. We are not only happy to be a part of that but feel privileged that we are allowed to be a part of Jessica’s and Conner’s growth. They will both benefit from this parent and grandparent support and will thank us later. We are happy to continue this support just as long as they both can benefit from those efforts.
    G1 & G2

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